What is casale pepe?

Giants chestnut woods sorround farmhouse CASALE PEPE born from an old rural farm and placed at 500m from the sea level.

The presence of a pool, of a riding school, of soccer fields and the beauty of the landscape of Palestrina ensures an holiday in total relax and absorbed in the nature.

From casale pepe you can enjoy of a fabulous view of the ancient Palestrina, famous for the archaeological museum and for temple of the godness Fortune.

Kiwi farming, olive grove, orchard, vegetable garden, pasture, pigs breeding, cows, horses. Specialty of the house: fettuccine alla CASALE PEPE, cavatelli porcini e salsiccia, paccheri all'amatriciana,beef steak, lamb chops.

Organize training camps.

Butchery Costantino Cilia

Here we take our meats.
Management purely family, starts at the beginning of the 1980. The buthcer Costantino decided to open a shop in the San Rocco district, where the demand for CILIA products became increasingly. So in the 1985 was opened a bigger shop for production of pork meats.
The shop, placed at Palestrina in Quadrelle district, complies with the requirements of national health.


A green oasis